Floating Fish Feed

We produce quality fish feed in three types- Sinking , Floating & Mash. As a customer-focused organization, we are providing a wide array of proteinous formulated floating Fish Feed. In addition to this, we are providing these products at very leading prices. With our several years of successfully providing our clients with superior quality of formulated floating fish feed ranging from 0 MM to 4 MM, with protein variations from 20% upto 36% .

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Mash Fish Feed

We always encourage farmers to utilize cost effective feed during culture. Mash quality dust feed is one such type which we produce with protein variations from 17% upto 42% . However, we produce mash feed of differnt protein proportion as per need of the customer. This is very much useful for spawn and also growing fish if scientifically presented during feeding.

Fish Feed Sinking

We produce superior quality of Sinking fish feed for our farmer friends. As a customer-focused organization, we are providing superior quality of formulated sinking fish feed ranging from 2 MM to 4 MM, with protein variations from 20% upto 28% .Sinking fish feed produced with sufficient amount of fish meal as one of the major ingredients which acts as an attractants of fishes for feeding themselves.

Shrimp Feed

Valueman Aqua Shrimp feed is a scientifically formulated, complete and balanced nutritional feed for Shrimp/Prawn. It assures rapid shrimp growth and optimum feed conversion ratio. Superior quality with high water stability and is manufactured with latest proven technology. FREE FROM PROHIBITED CHEMICALS AND ANTIBIOTICS