1. Why shall we use your product?

Ans-:Its a arguably a right question probably mounted on a wrong platform. No matter whatever the recommendation it is the user who decides what’s the best for him. If we are consistent with our quality we are confident of delivering results. And we have been confident about the quality of its products that has propagated the belief amongst the cross section of the users across the country over half a decade. And when this belief is cemented with consistency it turns into Trust. Today people trust us and we are proud to say that Soluble Humate granule, Soil Value, Stock Saver, Grow Value, Aqua Shield, Robust, etc are the best quality Humic and Fulvic acid preparation that your money can buy.

2) Does your product competitive in respect of pricing and features with the same line of products available in the market?

Ans-:For one, our sourced products are certified Organic. Which means they are completely safe to use. So much so that even accidental oral consumption would not cause any harm. Of course, we don’t recommend that. Second, it is for the first time that our flagship product, Soil Value has been fortified with Fulvic Acid granules and enriched with Neem.The presence of neem ensures consistent, constant and sustained supply of all nutrients in the right dose at the right time throughout the growing phase of the plant. The market is flooded with similar products. It’s something like a blind man searching for a needle in a hay stack in a dark room. Many of the people selling such products do not know the complete technical details about the same and most of the users of such products do not understand the mode of operation or the logical benefits in the long run of using such products. That’s why we keep telling people that it is a very simple process – try and understand the simple logical science behind each operation rather than blindly believing the company sermons and you can choose for yourself the best products from the basket that contains more bad eggs than good ones.

3. What are the institutions have approved your products?

Ans-:The product formulation of Grow Value, Value Protect, Value Aide, Value Protect made out of potassium humate and plant and herbal extracts – are certified for use in Organic Agriculture in India, by VOCA ( Vedic Organic Certification Agency) – a duly authorised certifying body accredited by APEDA under the NPOP programme of the Govt. Of India.

4. How safe is your product?

Ans-:Raw materials of our products are extracted out of Leonardite, a naturally occurring deposit of soft brown coal formed out of the fossilisation process of materials of plant origin. And in some cases they are plant and herbal extracts. They are absolutely natural formation with not a trace of harmful chemical or ingredient of whatsoever nature either in the raw material used or in the finished goods. They are absolutely environment friendly and completely safe to soil, plants, animals, water, bees, fishes, birds and humans.

5. Does your product protect our crops from insecticides and pests?

Ans-: One of the main worries of the Indian farmer is to is to find out new ways and means to reduce crop losses due to pest and diseases. With excessive use of different chemicals most of the insects and pests develop resistant strains to most chemicals after a short time. To beat this menace newer formulation and combinations flood the market everyday. So much so the farmer is totally confused and goes on spraying one chemical after another rampantly without even knowing whether such action would yield the desired result or not. The only way out now is develop the immune system within the plants and give them enough strength to resist normal insect and pest attacks. Rather than worrying about what pesticide to use on what pest, one should really worry about how to build plant immunity. This can only happen if your soil functions properly and gives all types of nutrients to the plants throughout their growing stage so that they become strong enough to resist pest attacks. And this is precisely what our products, Soluble Humate Plus, Soil Value, Grow Value, Bio Protect do. They are not pesticides that kill pests post infestation but their continuous use significantly reduces the need for the use of chemicals and pesticides. Not only do they reduce farmers worry and unwarranted dependence on pesticides but also significantly reduce his chemical expenses. Nevertheless, based on the continuous demands put forward by the farmers, we had to develop Organic pesticide by the name of Bug Shield and Value Aide, and Value Regain as organic Virucide/bactericide.

6. What is the guaranteed increase in production using your package input?

Ans-:It’s a very interesting question to ask and even more interesting one to answer. In the last couple of decades the use of chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides and pyrethroids have more than doubled while the productivity has steadily declined. Ironically this is true regardless of the geographical topography, cropping pattern, environmental impact, type of soil, variety of seed, method of irrigation, package of agricultural practices. Strangely the land had remained same as our forefathers had given us, it was the same soil, maybe the same crop and the cropping practices. Yet we were not getting what our forefathers had got at a much lesser cost. What had gone wrong ? Why have we not asked about yield increase all these days ? You cannot – for your yield will never increase with the type of chemical farming that we do to today. Sadly when totally green company is promoting environment friendly agri inputs for soil and plant health, namely Soil Value, Soluble Humate Granule, Grow Value, Value Protect, Value Regain, Value Aide, Bio Protect, people worry about guaranteed yield increase. We say that even if the yield remains the same and there is reduction in input cost and significant increase in the nutritional and market value of the produce, it is a significant achievement. However the good news is that we have consistently noticed over the last decade that there is a significant yield increase in every crop where our products namely have been used and that is why we are guaranteeing a cost reduction with an yield increase subject to our products being used as per recommendations.

7. Can we market our produce saying it as an organic output using your product?

Ans-:It depends upon what are the inputs that have been used and the process that have been put in place before deciding whether an output produce is Organic or not. It is for the certifying institutions to certify whether an output is Organic or not. It may however be noted that our products are approved for use in Organic Agriculture in India, The input and output certifications are two different chapters.

8. What is the guarantee increase in yield?

Ans-:We say about 10-15% for sure based on the condition of the soil and environmental factor.


What feed should be used ?
  • Use always nutritionally balanced feeds. A typical shrimp feed may contain the following: Crude protein – 36.0% , Lipid – 5.0%, Moisture – 8.6% and Ash – 15.0%
  • Feeds stored and exposed to wet condition or feeds containing moisture more than 10% Develop fungus and reduce shelf-life. Such feeds are unsuitable for use and should be Avoided. Feed should always be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
  • Do not use any feed which is stored for more than 3 months as it loses its nutritional quality and may also become harmful. Check the date of manufacture and nature of its odour before buying. A fresh stock of feed emanates fresh fishy smell. Never bye feed in large quantities and do not store it for a long period. Buy feed that will be sufficient for one month, at a time. Feed bags should not be kept open and exposed as the feed will absorb moisture and get spoiled. Stack the feed bags one over the other properly.